Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Tuning

Microsoft SQL Server database performance tuning is half science and half art form. Let us help you with both the science and the art of tuning your SQL Server(s).

SQL Server tuning
SQL Server installation

SQL Server Installation/right sizing hardware

Microsoft SQL Server best practices are used to get the installation and hardware correct the first time while allowing for growth. We will work with your teams to get your application humming smoothly, and ensure you have the infrastructure needed to support the requirements, both now and in the future.

SQL Server Development/Design

If you need help with getting the database design correct, or if you need to change the schema on an existing database, we will help you and your team come up with the right mix of changes that are needed to support future development, ensure stability, and accomplish your goals.

SQL Server design
SQL Server High Availability Groups

SQL Server High Availability

The latest Microsoft SQL Server enhancements provide great opportunities for performance improvements, including the use of In-Memory technologies and columnstore index optimizations to speed things along.

With Availability Groups, a great disaster recovery or backup solution can be created along with load balancing across read-only servers. Our expertise in building these server groups for companies large and small can help you get going quickly while allowing for expansion as needed.