Modern Applications

Don't let your software hold you back

Today, businesses both large and small are under tremendous pressure to increase flexibility and productivity, while at the same time reduce their costs. Many professionals look to optimize their IT environment and line-of-business software solutions in order to achieve these objectives.

Businesses can feel handcuffed to their current IT solutions
Modern cloud solutions

The value of modern applications

Replacing legacy software systems can play a critical role in improving efficiency and scalability, as well as helping to reduce capital expenditures. Many legacy systems are resource-intensive, and integration between these systems and newer, more agile software applications, can be difficult.

Company 2.0

BTEK helps our customers supplement or replace their legacy systems with modern applications. This may include hosting in the cloud, use of microservice architecture, and responsive design for a variety of display form factors.

Leveraging these modern development paradigms is critical to building a maintainable, scalable application infrastructure, as well as reduce day-to-day operations demands and maintenance requirements with their associated costs and downtimes.

Responsive application design